Ratul Rahman

Mother Mahmuda Ruby’s publishing and research activities and father Green Mizanur Rahman’s university-level research affiliated to ‘Jahangirnagar University’, Savar, Dhaka 1342, Bangladesh’s cultural atmosphere nurtured Ratul Rahman was born on December 17, 2002. Grandmother Anwara Begum’s careful nurturing influence and later on his duty towards his three younger brothers’ ‘Mehrab Rahman’, ‘Renesa Rahman’ and ‘Tulip Rahman’ created a vast mentality of social service in himself which helped him to develop world peace-promoting mindfulness.

The impact of heartbreaking institutional discipline with the ‘high capable’ classmates of ‘Kalatan Bidyaniketan’ (located in ‘Jahangirnagar University’, Bangladesh Campus) and ‘Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre School and College’ (BPATC-SC) had a diversified impact on his own life. On the other hand, he attended ‘Abakash Shishumela’, ‘Nilkhet Government Primary School’, ‘Radio Colony High School’, ‘Dairy Farm High School’; there, in the obsession of genuine love with the classmates from the common class of the society, numerous milestones were built in his life. During his long stay in the ‘Teacher-Student Centre’ (TSC) dormitory of Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh, being a regular viewer of ‘Jalsiri’, ‘Jahangirnagar Theater’, Muktamancha (open stage) of the University, etc., gave him the courage to walk against the immoral flow for the honest needs of the society.

 Ratul Rahman is currently the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ‘Ten Ants Limited’ C-163539; Director of ‘FaceBangla Limited’; Director of ‘SchoolAid.Asia’; also engaged as DMD of ‘Botany Limited’ and other corporate activities. He is a researcher, intellectual property developer, and content developer. 

He is an Ambassador and buddy to ‘Speak’, the European Union-based international cultural organization for language.

He is a skilled entrepreneur, certified by ‘BSCIC’, under the Ministry of Industries, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He is also a Graphics Designer with a diploma certificate from a Skills Development Institute affiliated with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Ratul Rahman is a classical artist to pre-press excellence (especially style guide, pictorial diversities, image processing, metadata, interactive presentation, fine editing, and makeup) in intellectual printing materials as well global standard publishing styles.

He has been an active member of Bangladesh Scouts, trained in various courses, since 2016, and was a ‘Rover Team Leader’ for the whole college level, also known as ‘Rover Mate’ (ID: AB1865) for the ‘BPATC School and College Rover Scout Group’, Bangladesh. At Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre School and College (BPATC-SC), Savar, Dhaka 1343, Bangladesh, he was ‘class representative’ for the whole college-time. He was one of the top scorers in the national level ‘First Accounting Olympiad’ organized by ‘Bangladesh University of Professionals’ (BUP). He is an experienced photographer in the field of Portrait Photography, Photojournalism, Style Photography, and Still Life Photography with particular emphasis on abstract art basis Editorial Photography. Ratul Rahman is very much enthusiastic about conserving floral and faunal diversity. He is systematically skilled with intellectual property-based commercial incubation of Agricultural Biodiversity.

His special interests: SDGs, hunger research, agriculture, street food, student’s equipment, production, marketing, world trade research, quality globalization, educative tourism, world settlement, student welfare. He wants to keep himself engaged in the qualitative change of the world through the expansion of intellectual properties, quality products, and services.

At present, Ratul Rahman is a second year student of the faculty of Business administration (BBA, major - Marketing), Nazrul University (Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University), Mymensingh 2224, Bangladesh.

date: 2023.06.25

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